Horse Experiential

Horse Experiential

Bring to Light Your Unique Path of Growth and Awakening…

Discover something new about yourself in the presence of the herd. By unlocking any thought habits that are keeping you in the past, it is possible to unleash the energy you need to realize your life dreams.  Through mindful connection with the “horse” and by allowing new heart centered experiences into your life, the spark of life will awaken you to new possibilities.  Horses have that special ability to be authentic in the here and now, and can help you to understand things in a new way.  At EquestConnect 740 966-5153, let our small but wise herd support your transformation and lead you into a life of positive change.


Do you ever feel like you want something more in your life?

Perhaps you want to be happier, feel more creative and alive, but you aren’t exactly sure where to start.
Or perhaps you want to leave your mark on the world, become more aware of how you are connected and whole while sharing your gifts in service to others.
But then all of a sudden one day, you wonder what happened. Where did you go off-course?
Life happens like that sometimes.
You got distracted from what really matters, what truly brings you joy and happiness, and you settled for taking care of other matters before following your own life passion.
Well now is the time to align with what truly matters to you. There is nothing that is standing in the way between you and your intentions except an confused mind. And the horses with their light, truth and presence will help you to let go into the now to help you find clarity through bringing the shape and form from the unknown into your awareness.
Ground down, it’s time to fly.  Gallop away!